August, time for holidays, relaxation, outdoor evenings, aperitifs on the beach until late and friends.

In short, in August, more or less, we all try to get away from the daily routine, from the hectic pace and from the tasks and what better time than this to organize pleasant moments in the company?


Pizza for lunch at the chalet, pizza in the evening with friends, pizza to tease with a nice prosecco in your hand, pizza for hungry children, pizza with friends!

In short, it’s pizza time!

But whether you want to prepare it at home with your own hands or prefer to buy it from your trusted pizza maker, have you ever wondered what makes a pizza special?

In addition to the maturation and leavening of the dough, which we have already talked about a while ago, in addition to the skill of the pizza maker and the quality ingredients, there is an element that makes pizza a lady pizza and is the tomato.

But it’s easy to say tomato.

What is the best tomato we can put on the pizza? Here are some tips to consider!


There are various types of tomatoes on the market:

  • past
  • pulp
  • fresh tomato
  • peeled tomato

The past

For many, tomato puree is the most convenient solution because it is ready, but in our opinion, it is not always the best solution.

While on the one hand, it is a good compromise for those who don’t have much time to work all the ingredients, on the other, it has the limit of being a little too liquid, risking to damage the consistency of the dough.

Tomato pulp

There are also some doubts about tomato pulp.

The reason is easy to say: if on the one hand, it can be as comfortable as the past because it is ready, on the other hand, its rustic and grainy texture, it is not said to please everyone.

Fresh tomato

Using fresh tomatoes could be an alternative, especially in summer, when there are plenty of vegetables, but there are ‘mas.

The first is that it can tend to lose liquids during cooking; the second is that if passed and used as a sauce, before cooking it with the pizza it should be drained of its water, to avoid that the excess of liquids compromises the mixture.

Peeled tomato

Finally, here comes the favorite of the pizzerias: the classic peeled tomato.

This type can be broken up with your hands and used together with the liquid present in the tin, or you can work with a thick or fine-textured vegetable mill, depending on your taste, without wasting anything.

The use of the immersion blender to pass the tomato, even if convenient, is sometimes quite risky since the sauce obtained is full of air, excessively liquid and inhomogeneous.

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