PUBG Mobile Season 15: Reach the Ace

Craig Cortez


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The Ace title has become a dream for many players since the PUBG Mobile season rating system was updated. In the article, we have compiled a set of useful advice and strategies to reach the top title. If you follow the PUBG Mobile official news, you know that the season ends on November 15th, so you will have to hurry up.

How to Reach the Ace Title Before the Season Ends

There are several approaches to reaching the Ace title within the season, but they all require much effort and some grinding. We are suggesting to utilize a safer strategy to increase your chances of getting the title: it will take a bit more time, but you will surely get to your target by following these steps.

Play safe

Sometimes playing aggressive might result in receiving better rewards, but, for reaching the Ace title, a safe approach is more suitable. Choose the stealth path and avoid any contact with other players if possible. This will most probably lead you to the endgame, where you will surely get a sufficient amount of survival points.

Choose guns wisely

Rifles in PUBG Mobile are great, and it is always a great pleasure to find a sniper rifle with a proper scope for range fights. However, for the safe strategy, you won’t really need a gun for a distant firefight as most of your contacts with enemies will occur in the final circle. So it is logical that you focus on gathering shotguns and other close-range weapons.

Use grenades

Grenades are a tool disregarded by many players. However, carrying a few smokes and frags will be a great advantage over your opponents in the final stage. Once the area is short enough, just isolate yourself with smokes to make the enemies shorten the distance. That’s when the previously mentioned shotguns come in very handy. You can also use frag grenades to make the enemies switch their positions.

Practice and learn

Practice mode is also a thing most players usually miss. Taking a break from matchmaking is especially great when you are not very familiar with PUBG Mobile new maps. Learning the locations and planning possible routes and positions will definitely make you more confident in the real matches.

Track the mistakes

It is also very important to improve your skill from match to match. Each time you fail or make a mistake, analyze it: understand the reason for the mistake and next time be more cautious in the same situation. Lost a game because of a bad grenade throw? Then go to practice and spend some time on mastering grenades. Died because of making an aggressive attack on the last seconds? Either consider playing safe next time or improve the strategy of such attempts.

Get Quick


The only problem with reaching the Ace title in season 15 of PUBG Mobile is the time limit. The season ends on the 15th of November, meaning there is not really much time left to conquer the ladder. However, the mentioned strategy will remain relevant for the following season. It will still be a great warmup before the next season to start using the suggested strategy and be fully packed when the season changes. Have you already set your mind on a strategy you will follow to reach the top title? Please share it and other thoughts about the news with us in the comments below.