Outplay Advertisers with Apple iOS 14

Craig Cortez


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With the new update of Apple’s operating system coming this fall, the iOS app privacy policy is going to face some significant changes. The advertisers’ power of tracking your activity will diminish, and in the article, we are going to explain how it works.

iOS Privacy Settings

First of all, it is important to explain that many advertisers are using IDFA in their promotional campaigns to track your activity across other apps. IDFA is a unique number of each Apple device. The significant change of privacy policy in the iOS 14 concept is that the apps will not be allowed to get the IDFA on default. With iOS 14, all apps will be forced to ask permission to track your activity.

Apple proves its concern about the privacy of its users with this update. Now you will be able to stop the apps from tracking you and showing you ads based on your activity across websites and other apps. Now with the first launch of each app that wants to get the IDFA of your device, it will be required to ask your permission for that. All you have to do is to select the “Ask apps not to track” option.

The update will definitely have a great impact both on the advertisers and the users. It will be harmful to advertisers, and it will force them to seek other ways of providing targeted ads, while the users will have their privacy on a sufficient level.

Camera Tracking iOS 14

However, Apple did think about the advertisers as well. The problem is that when the user selects the “not to track” option, the whole ad model is destroyed as the advertisers have no data. Instead of giving out the IDFA number, the Apple team has implemented a safer alternative, SKAdNetwork. It provides the advertisers only with the conversion rates instead of granting them access to your whole online activity.

The update of the privacy policies is both aimed to improve the user experience and decrease the harm done to the advertisers. It is still a bit unpredictable how the update will affect advertisers. Will they be able to find new ways to implement targeted ads, and will they be as effective as they used to be?

Better Privacy, Better Experience

We are excited about the privacy update of iOS 14, and we hope it will affect other platforms as well. And what do you think about the upcoming update? Did your ads know too much with previous iOS versions? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below and join the discussion on privacy.