Choosing the Right Glass for Pool Fencing

If you are planning to install a glass pool fence, it is essential to understand the features of each type. Here are things to know when choosing the ideal glass for your pool fence.

Glass Panel Thickness

The standard size of a glass panel usually ranges from 6-12 mm. But it is possible to choose a customizable size that is thicker probably 18 mm. It is recommended to avoid using thin panels ranging from 6-8 mm because they are susceptible to heavy winds and substantial impact. The thicker the glass panels, the higher the chances of them withstanding extreme weather.

Meet State Standards

When choosing glass for fencing your pool, it is essential to purchase those models that meet local safety and quality standards. This ensures that such panels are made with quality materials. Though their prices are higher than other products, premium models will save you lots of money in the long run on maintenance.

Glass Fence Dimensions

The typical height of a glass pool fence is approximately 1.2 m. But you can choose a customizable height or width depending on your design needs and personal tastes. While a frameless glass panel ranges from 1.8 to 1.9 m, a semi-frameless option ranges from 1.6 to 1.8 m.

Custom Glass Fence

Bespoke glass panels are among the latest glass trends and the best solution if you are looking for something that matches with other existing focal points in your backyard. But it can cost you lots of bucks to purchase custom-made panels than standard ones. If you have a good relationship with the fencing contractor, it is not that difficult to find a seller that can give you competitively priced panels.

High-Quality Spigots

Make sure to use extremely good spigots. Substandard ones can affect the structural integrity and durability of your pool fence. While spigots are available on in a range of options, it is advisable to choose those models with premium fittings and manufactured using high-end equipment.

Repair or Replace Damaged Glass Pool Fence

The main reason why you need to install a glass fence around your swimming pool is to ensure the safety of your kids. If it gets damaged (regardless of the intensity or extent) and no longer meets local safety standards, then it is essential to replace or repair it pronto. This mainly includes the glass panels, fence spigots and latches.

If the latches or spigots are rusty, worn or loose, you also need to address the problem fast. Otherwise, your glass pool fence will be considered not to be in compliance with the government codes and increase the risk of accidents in the summer. Whether the glass fencing around your swimming pool is dated or severely damaged–such as a cracked glass panel–then it is essential to have it repaired or replaced quickly.

Always keep in mind that the top priority when installing or repairing glass pool fencing is to ensure safety. If you discover any signs of damage that can compromise your safety barrier, make sure to take immediate action. If your glass pool fence is old, perhaps it is time for improvement or even a complete replacement.

With some planning and creativity, you can easily transform a dull swimming pool into a stylish water haven using a well-designed glass fence. Not only does it provide unobstructed views at a very affordable price, but also adds elegance to your pool area and increases your home value.

There are two main types of glass pool fencing:

  1. Frameless – This is the ultimate option in luxury and style for a swimming pool.
  2. Semi-frameless – This option is cheaper than frameless but looks great.

A glass fence around your swimming pool can give your landscape amazing views. It is probably a simple and affordable option for creating both stylish and safe pool area. With a modern look, glass provides a clear view from the inside and outside of the pool, enhancing the curb appeal of your backyard.

If your swimming pool fence gets damaged or needs improvement, it is advisable to contact an experienced contractor to get it fixed immediately. For maintenance and replacement of glass, a glazier can be an ideal option. So what does a glazier do? Glaziers not only specialise in Murphy Gold Coast Glass Repairs. They offer a full list of services including the removal of broken glass panels and styling of glass balustrades.

Select the Best Glass Pool Fencing for Your Swimming Pool

Pool owners have to be aware of the safety of other people, especially children. There are chances for the children to fall into the pool accidentally resulting in drowning as the adults cannot be able to supervise them always. While choosing a fence you have to consider several factors such as the height of the barrier, foot or handhold, space between the glass panels, construction of gate, and the space between the ground and bottom of the fence.

The height of the glass pool fence should be more than four feet tall to prevent the children from gaining access to the pool. The enclosure should be without foot or handholds so that the children cannot climb easily on the fence. The vertical space between the glass panels should not be over four inches to prevent the children to squeeze between them to the pool. The space between the ground and bottom of the fence should be below one and three by fourth inches to prevent the children from entering the pool by sliding through the bottom of the fence.

You can find many options for glass pool fencing in the market. You have to make the right choice while selecting a glass fence for your swimming pool. Before selecting a glass fencing company, you have to compare the websites of various suppliers who can give glass fences in different styles. You can find the average pricing and installation charges of the glass fences by searching on the web. After doing some research, you have to select the right supplier to discuss the security and budget requirements.

You can customize the height of the glass pool fencing. It is recommended to keep a longer fence to make the pool area safe and secure for children. Glass fencing is the best option for your pool area as it will offer an unobstructed view of your natural surroundings. You have to check the quality of the glass panels used by the supplier to ensure that the panels used are of high-grade and with great transparency. You have to select a suitable glass fencing design that compliments the design of your house. It is recommended to install self-locking facility on the fence so that the kids cannot enter the swimming pool without any supervision. While installing glass pool fencing around your swimming pool, you have to follow all the above-mentioned guidelines.